How to choose a cover duvet?

Duvets are the main element to dress the bed. They are very versatile and allow us to keep the winter nights warm in a very simple way. Most of them are white, so you can equip them with a duvet bag or duvet cover or opt for the coloured or printed fillings that can be used without a cover.

There are two types of filling when choosing a duvet: you can choose one made of fibre, totally hypoallergenic, breathable and very soft and comfortable, or you can choose one made of down with a cotton outer fabric.

Fibre Duvets

Ecolofil siliconised hollow fibre duvets are completely breathable, with a very soft filling that allows you to keep warmth inside the bed without losing breathability. They are also completely hypoallergenic. Many of our models are made with special treatments and technologies that will improve your rest and the way you sleep, such as the Triple barrier protection, which is effective against mites, bacteria and mould, or the Aloe Vera dermoprotector, ideal for people with sensitive and atopic skin.

Down Duvets

The down fillings are made entirely from natural materials. Its feathers and down combined with its cotton outer fabric provide a great softness for a luxurious rest as in the best of hotels.

In addition, they are made with a downproof treatment on the outer fabric that prevents the feather from migrating to the outside, preserving the properties of the duvet for longer. They have an elegant border around the duvet.

How to choose a duvet filling

It is very important when choosing a duvet to know what the conditions are like in our home and in the room to choose one or another grammage. It all depends on the temperature in the room, the season or even the heating you have at home, as well as the area where you live (you will not need the same duvet if you live in a warmer coastal area than in a mountainous area). During the spring/summer seasons, if you have central heating or a room with a temperature above 21°, you will need a weight of 150 or 200 grams, either a down or fibre filling. In autumn and winter or colder temperatures it is advisable to choose a duvet filling of at least 300 grams. There are also DUO duvets, with which you can join two duvets by means of hook-and-eye fasteners and use them all year round, combining them in different ways.

There are many and varied duvets, you just have to choose the one you like the most and the one that best suits your needs. Are you more of a down or fibre filler? And if you don’t know what size duvet to choose, click here.