Our Technologies

Our Technologies


Our ultrabreathable line is made using a natural fibre called Tencel® which absorbs moisture caused by sweat. It releases moisture to the exterior easily and effectively all night long. It is a very soft fibre and is more absorbent than cotton, thus providing our rest with extra breathability.


Designed for those who value hypoallergenic environments free of mites, bacteria and mould. Our Triple Barrier Line mattress protectors, pillow covers and duvets maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for a longer period of time. They also help reduce allergy symptoms, such as coughs and sneezes, which can interrupt our sleep.


The products of the Aloe Vera Dermoprotection line feature dermoprotective treatments with soothing, regenerating and refreshing properties recommended especially for sensitive and atopic skin. The Aloe Vera plant has disinfectant qualities and helps combat unwanted odours, qualities which are then transferred to bed products featuring this treatment.


Our Natural line is made using natural fabrics in 100% top quality cotton, which is obtained in a sustainable way and with treatments that improve their original characteristics. This makes them even softer and more resistant.


Our Antiviral line is made with a scientifically tested antiviral treatment with the active principle Benzalkonium Chloride, which is effective against all types of viruses, including COVID-19. It is more than 99% efficient and can last up to 100 washes at 60°.


The best technology such as Thermic®, Outlast® or Tencel is used to keep your temperature constant during rest, thus achieving a restful and healthy sleep.


Our Essential line offers a wide variety of bed accessory products made using high-quality fabrics and offered at the best price. It is designed for people looking for the most practical products when it comes to their rest.


If quality rest is important for an adult, this is even more the case for a baby. It is proven that sleeping poorly can negatively affect the growth and even the development of the baby. We have selected products that provide added value in childhood, either because of their technical characteristics or because of the material or their functionality. We have also manufactured these products in small sizes. We have created a full range of products ranging from protection to duvet fillings in fabrics that adapt to the needs of babies.