B2B Partnership

B2B Partnership

Bussiness solutions

We are exporting our products to several countries in Europe and Africa. And we want to continue expanding our brand and product portfolio in other countries, as well as in America. We adapt to the needs of our customers.  We can supply our range of products under the brand name CLASSIC BLANC, with stock in the factory and frequent deliveries.

We can also develop our product line with the customer’s own brand, with its internal and external labelling and packaging according to the customer’s brand and needs. We also develop other product lines according to the latest trends of the market and our customer’s needs.

Why choose us?

Each country, each rest. The perfect solution for every country. It’s important to remember that bed and mattress sizes can differ between countries. For this reason, we’ve included in our portfolio all the European bed sizes. Square, rectangle, round,…we’re well suited to work with our manufacturing partners to provide these unique requirements.

The perfect solution for every sleeping problem

Investigating relentlessly, we concluded that there are three environmental causes that stop us from having a restful night. Temperature: Excessive cold or heat as well as variations in temperature Humidity: sweating and environmental condensation causing skin discomfort / Skin problems: itching, sensitive skin, allergies or dust mites/ Therefore, we created a great variety of product lines to afford solutions to every problem as well as maintaining our main objective, which is providing a recreative and healthy rest for all of us!


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