Pillow cover

  • Tencel® pillow cover

    Waterproof and extra-breathable Tencel® pillow cover with zip closure for better support. It absorbs excess moisture and also has an extra soft touch

  • Ticking pillow cover, 100% cotton

    Our Ticking Pillow Cover is made of 100% sanforised cotton so that it does not shrink and you can enjoy its qualities wash after wash. In addition to

  • 100% bamboo knit pillow cover

    Our 100% bamboo knit pillow cover is highly versatile thanks to the magnificent properties of the bamboo with which it is made. It is waterproof and b

  • Waterproof terry cloth pillow cover

    Our terry cotton pillow cover is waterproof and breathable thanks to its Smartseal membrane and has a high capacity for absorption. It is also made wi